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Things to Do

Please book activities as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

N.B. Once booked, activities cannot be cancelled. Please read carefully.

Please check prices with us before booking as our providers increase their prices at different times.

Kruger National Park

Animals of the Kruger National ParkMake us your base for a visit to the game rich southern end of the renowned Kruger National Park, entering through the Crocodile Bridge gate just 10 mins away from us.

You can drive yourself easily through this fantastic African wilderness. Even so, kick the ‘Big Five’ mentality and enjoy whatever you see...the 'big 5'is not necessarily the interesting or rare 5! You will always see something in the Kruger if you take the time to look and your day will be richer for it.

N.B. If you plan a self drive in the Kruger at key public holiday times, but are not staying in the Park, you MUST pre book day passes with Sanparks to be sure to get in. This can be done at Sanparks charge for this, but at least you are sure to get in! You do not need to pre book day passes for organised game drives/bushwalks, only for self drives.

Game Drives/Walks

Explore the Park with an experienced guide in an open safari vehicle. The start times for each activity vary according to the season. 

Full day game drives: This is truly a 'must do'! Pick up and drop off at Trees Too, start and end times vary according to the season but around amazing experience. Do this THEN self'll learn so much from this day with our great ranger!

Bush walks (3 hours-usually start around 0500 from Croc Bridge gate) allow a more intimate involvement with the landscape and a chance to focus on smaller aspects of nature that would go unseen from a car. Price includes some snacks.

Sunset Drives (3 hours)start from Croc Bridge Gate as the Park is closing, around 1630,so you have the 'out of hour's experience. Highly recommended.

Sunrise drives (3 hours) start from Croc Bridge Gate around 0430..again, the out of hours expereince is great if you are up for leaving Trees Too around 0420!

Night drives, (2 hours) start from Croc Bridge Gate at 2000 and powerful searchlights give participants a taste of the nocturnal life of the bush.

NB. In winter months (June/July/August), early mornings and later evenings can be very cold in an open safari vehicle..bring hats!

Approximate Prices per person- Confirmed on Application:

Guided game walkMorning Bush Walk    R725

Sunrise/set Drive       R490

Night drives                R410

 Full-Day Game Drive  R1270        (R950 SA residents and less for all kids under 12) excludes meals. Discount available in low season for 4+ travelling together.

Half day game drive   R1095    inc breakfast. Do the full day if you can!

Subject to availability.

Elephant Back Safaris

Elephant walking safariAs well as being the World’s largest land mammal, the African Savannah Elephant is one of the most charismatic animals in the World. Encounters with a gently or comically interacting family herd or old bull with his attendant ‘askaris’ can be a highlight of any day spent in the African bush. Just watching these enormous, gentle and highly complex creatures can be fascinating and even moving. We work with a local safari camp (45 mins from Trees Too)  that allows you to get much closer than just watching from your car. Their  carefully trained elephants can be ridden and interacted with in their stables. An unforgettable highlight of your visit to South Africa.

Approximate Prices to be Confirmed on Application

30 minute interaction (touch, feel, feed, learn about) – R560
60 minute elephant back safari, including 30 mins interaction – R900
2 hour elephant back safari - R1500
All subject to availability.


One of the many birds in the areaThe Kruger Park is a birder’s paradise with over 500 species recorded across its various eco-systems. So far our garden at Trees Too has only provided sightings of 60 or so species – but we keep watching…

For the truly ardent birder we have associations with expert guides who can be chartered to lead parties or individuals through the park. Give us plenty of notice to organise this!

One of the many birds in the areaEven the best guide book, like Newman or Roberts, is no substitute for local expertise and well over 100 species can be spotted in a single day out. We need plenty of notice to organise such trips which are subject to availability with price quoted on application.


Mozambique is the rediscovered jewel of a country that links southern and eastern Africa. Formerly the holiday destination of choice for thousands of southern Africans, the end of nearly 20 years of liberation and civil conflict has given this friendly, beautiful country a decade in which to rebuild some of that former glory. With enough notice, and subject to availability, we can arrange:-

A Tour of Maputo

A day trip to the capital city Maputo, just 90km away, reveals fascinating history and contrasts. The liveliness of the traditional fish and craft markets, architecture by Eiffel (yes the tower guy), Portuguese elegance and African vibe, poverty and economic rebirth are all there to see. Top that off with sumptuous seafood meal overlooking the Indian Ocean. Prices from around R2500 plus required visa (approx R750pp...not necessary for SA citizens). Lunch cost not included. Discounted price available for parties of 4+ travelling together. 

We strongly recommend staying in Mozambique at one of the beach resorts for e few to us about the options, including options to leave your car in SA and be picked up at the border by a lodge owner in Mozambique.


Swazi festivalThe tiny land-locked kingdom of Swaziland nestles between the South African provinces of Mpumalanga and Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Republic of Mozambique. What Swaziland lacks in size it more than makes up for in the friendliness of its people, beauty of its often mountainous landscapes and range of available activities. Crossing into Swaziland is easy at either the Mananga or Jeppe’s Reef border posts, 50 mins from Trees Too, and few visitors to South Africa will require any form of visa. 

From there a drive through the spectacular wooded hills and mountains of northern Swaziland taking in highlights such as Phophonyane Falls, the gold-mining town of Piggs Peak, the justly famous Ngwenya glass factory, the many craft markets and cultural villages and the capital city of Mbabane.

We will happily advise on routes through Swaziland or help with accommodation advice. NB. Be sure to get authority from your car hire company to take your car to Swaziland at the point of picking up your hire car..they will no longer  issue cross border letters once you have taken the car away.


Kambaku Golf estateThe Wild Frontier of South Africa is truly a Mecca for enthusiastic golfers. Komatipoort itself boasts the beautiful Kambaku Golf Course which overlooks the Kruger National Park and promises interesting encounters on the fairways. Kambaku, just so you know, is a Shangaan word meaning ‘a particularly notable, mature bull elephant.’

Kambaku is considered to be one of the best small golf courses in the whole of South Africa and the club is always happy to show it off to visiting players. Prices for a round of golf are very reasonable by international standards. A limited range of clubs can be hired.


Quad bikingQuad Bikng

For the adventurous and adrenaline junkies, a local provider offers fantastic quad biking trails amid wooded hills about 30 minutes drive away. Prices from R260.00


The Komati River is justly famous for its tiger-fish. We can arrange half or full days out on the river, from bank, boat or punt, with an experienced guide. All fishing tackle is provided by the supplier and a truly memorable day out is guaranteed - whether the ‘big one’ bites or not. Prices from R450.00pp for boat fishing, or bring your own tackle and we'll point you in the right direction to pay just a small bank fee...beware the crocs and hippos though!


The wealth of things to see and do and the vast distances of South Africa mean that most travellers will spend a lot of time in their cars. An antidote to that can be the hiking trails in the wooded hills of the Letubi Valley just 40 minutes drive away. Horse Riding

Horse Riding

For those of an equestrian disposition Komatipoort offers one to three hour riding trails accompanied by and experienced rider.

Half hour family ride                                             R250pp
One hour Horse back Safari                                   R450
Two hour Horse back Safari                                    R650
Half day Horse Back Safari incl. Breakfast                R1020

Chimpanzee Eden (Jane Goodall Institute)

Jane Goodall is a legend in the study and conservation of man’s closest genetic relatives. Whilst chimps are not native to South Africa, the infrastructure of the country made it an ideal choice for the location of this rescue centre. Located just one hour and 15 mins from Trees Too near the town of Nelspruit, tours can be joined at 10.00, 12.00 or 14.00 with the chimps being fed at 10.00 and 14.00. The tour involves a fascinating educational on the plight of the wild chimpanzee, the personal histories of the resident animals and projects of the Jane Goodall Institute. Entrance fees can be confirmed on application.

Wild Horses and Panoramic Views at Kaapsehoop

Just west of Nelspruit and a little over one hour’s drive from Trees Too is the largely unknown treasure of Kaapsehoop. Perched on a hilltop of the Highveld escarpment some 1486m above sea level, the village was a former gold-mining settlement. Historically interesting buildings nestle in this small community that also includes attractive bars, restaurants and some interesting shops. A small herd of rather passive, but nevertheless wild, horses lives on this hilltop. A short walk across fascinating rock fields leads to a breathtaking views across the De Kaap valley 800m below. This largely uncelebrated vista is as grand as anything to be encountered on the much more famous ‘Panorama Route’. Hiking trails can also be joined from Kaapsehoop – some of them very long

Samora Machel Memorial

Probably no local monument so symbolises South Africa’s troubled past and relationships with its neighbours as the Samora Machel Memorial. Machel was leader of Mozambique between 1975, when the colonial Portuguese left, and 1986 when the fatal air-crash, here commemorated, took place. Born of farming stock in Gaza province in 1933, Samora Machel’s eventual conversion to Marxism was born of perfectly legitimate indignation that white farmers were paid more for the same crops than black farmers and other myriad inequalities of colonial rule. Upon independence he cast out close to 200,000 Portuguese – a decision he later regretted as this was instrumental in rapid economic collapse. A civil war for the next 15 years between Machel’s FRELIMO party and their RENAMO rivals who were covertly supported by Apartheid South Africa and the West, did little to help Mozambique’s economic performance. Throughout this period Mozambique remained a staunch ally of the ANC, providing safe bases for many of their exiles and training facilities for Umkhonto we Sizwe the ANC’s military wing.

On 19th October 1986 Samora Machel and 43 others were on a flight returning from an international meeting in Lusaka, Zambia. The plane crashed into the Lebombo hills, just inside South Africa, but at a corner where that country, Mozambique and Swaziland meet. Of those on board 33 perished. Hardly the pin-up boy of the Apartheid government, many believe that Machal’s death was murderously inspired sabotage by their forces. Dismissive retorts to these accusations essentially accused the pilot of drunkenness. Machal’s widow Graça was convinced of South African involvement in her husband’s death – so it was a fitting symbol of reconciliation between the two nations when she married Nelson Mandela in July 1998. She thus, uniquely, came to serve as first lady to two countries.

Just a one hour, 20 mins drive from Trees Too, the memorial at the Mbuzini crash site was unveiled on 9th January 1999 by Nelson Mandela and Mozambique’s president Joaquim Chissano. Designed by José Forjaz the memorial consists of a steel tube for each person who died in the crash. These are set upright in concrete and perforated in the manner of church organ pipes. Left as raw metal to rust, symbolising weeping, the hilltop winds blowing through these pipes provides an eerie lament for those that died - and so much else now past. As Mandela said in his unveiling speech ‘May this memorial serve as a beacon of the new morality that must emerge strong if we are to bring lasting improvements in the lives of our peoples.’

Visiting this monument is a very educational and emotional experience.

Trees Too Guest Lodge near the Kruger National Park. Komatipoort, South Africa.